How do I refer someone to Hyperliquid?

You can create a referral code on after you’ve done $10,000 in volume. You will receive 10% of referred users' taker fees, less any fee discount they receive. Referral rewards apply for a user's first $1B in volume and referral discounts apply for a user's first $25M in volume.

Share your referral code with other traders using a unique link:

How do I use a referral code?

Enter a referral code on or use a friend's referral link. Using a referral code will give you a 4% discount on your taker fees.

Referral discount does not apply to vaults or sub-accounts because those are treated as independent accounts in the clearinghouse.

Is there an affiliate program?

If you have referred >$100M in 30d volume or have 5,000+ social media followers, you can apply for the affiliate program here.

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