Uniswap perpetuals

Some perpetual contracts on Hyperliquid use Uniswap V2 or V3 AMM price as the underlying spot asset. These contracts are restricted to be isolated-only, which means that cross margin is not allowed and margin cannot be manually removed from an open position. Instead, the position must be partially or fully closed to partially or fully return isolated margin.

Uniswap pool prices are always converted to USDT prices based on the robust CEX oracle prices.

The current contract addresses for the Uniswap pools used as oracles:

RLB: 0x510100d5143e011db24e2aa38abe85d73d5b2177

OX: 0x49727bbe3ba46aeb1058749ed2741a42fd1ccda8

UNIBOT: 0x8DbEE21E8586eE356130074aaa789C33159921Ca

HPOS: 0x2cC846fFf0b08FB3bFfaD71f53a60B4b6E6d6482

SHIA: 0x81a460ea6fd96a73d5672f1f4aa684697d4b44cc

BANANA: 0x43DE4318b6EB91a7cF37975dBB574396A7b5B5c6

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