About Hyperliquid

What is Hyperliquid?

Hyperliquid is a performant L1 optimized from the ground up. The vision is a fully onchain open financial system with user built applications interfacing with performant native components, all without compromising end user experience.

The Hyperliquid L1 is performant enough to operate an entire ecosystem of permissionless financial applications – every order, cancel, trade, and liquidation happens transparently on-chain with block latency <1 second. The chain currently supports 20k orders / second.

The Hyperliquid L1 currently uses Tendermint for consensus, but a new consensus algorithm is being implemented that will offer orders of magnitude performance improvement over Tendermint.

The flagship native application is a fully onchain order book perpetuals exchange, the Hyperliquid DEX. Further developments include a native token standard, spot trading, permissionless liquidity, etc.

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