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Core contributors

The Chameleon team are core contributors supporting the growth of Hyperliquid, led by Jeff and iliensinc, who are classmates from Harvard. Other members of the team are from Caltech, MIT, and Waterloo and previously worked at Airtable, Citadel, HRT, and Nuro.
Chameleon started out market making in crypto in 2020 and expanded into defi in the summer of 2022. Existing platforms were plagued with issues, such as poor market design, bad tech, and clunky UX. It was easy to make money trading on these protocols, but disappointing to see how far behind defi was compared to its centralized counterparts. The team set out to build a product that could solve these issues and provide users with a seamless trading experience.
Designing a performant decentralized exchange requires an intimate understanding of quantitative trading, cutting-edge blockchain technology, and clean UX, which the team is well-positioned to deliver. The team actively engages with and listens to the community; you are welcome to join the Discord server to ask any questions and share feedback.
Lastly, Chameleon is self-funded and has not taken any external capital, which allows the team to focus on building a product they believe in without external pressure.