Rate limits

The following rate limits apply per IP address:

  • All REST requests have a weight limit of 1200 per minute. All documented exchange API requests have a weight of 1. All documented info API requests have a weight of either 2 or 20; these limits can be found in the description for each info request in the Info endpoint section.

  • Maximum of 100 websocket connections

  • Maximum of 1000 websocket subscriptions

  • Maximum of 10 unique users across user-specific websocket subscriptions

  • Maximum of 600 inbound messages per minute across all websocket connections

Use websockets for lowest latency realtime data. See the python SDK for a full-featured example.

Address-based L1 Rate limits

The L1 rate limiting logic will allow 1 requests per 1 USDC traded cumulatively since address inception.

Using an order value of 100 USDC, this only requires a fill rate of 1%.

Each address starts with an initial buffer of 10000 requests. When rate limited, an address will still be allowed one request every 10 seconds.

Cancels have cumulative limit min(limit + 100000, limit * 2) where limit is the default limit for other actions. This way, hitting the address-based rate limit will still allow open orders to be canceled.

Note that this rate limit only applies to L1 actions, not info requests.

Batched Requests

A batched request with n orders (or cancels) is treated as one request for IP based rate limiting, but as n requests for address-based L1 rate limiting.

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