For vault depositors

What are the benefits of depositing into a vault?

By depositing, you earn a share of the profits, or losses, of the vault. If there are specific traders you admire or support, you can deposit into their vault to get exposure to their trading strategies.

Let’s say you deposit 100 USDC into a vault, whose total deposits are 900 USDC. The vault total is now 1,000 USDC, and you represent 10% of the vault. Over time, the vault grows to be 2,000 USDC, while no one else has deposited or withdrawn from the vault. You elect to withdraw from the vault. You withdraw 200 USDC (10%) less 10 USDC (10% profit share to the leader), which totals 190 USDC. There may be some slippage as you withdraw and open positions are closed.

Note: Trading is inherently risky, and vaults’ past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.

How do I find a vault to deposit into?

On, you can view statistics of different vaults, including APY and total deposits (TVL).

You can click on a specific vault to see more information, such as P&L, max drawdown, volume, open positions, and trade history. You can see how many people have deposited into the vault and for how long they’ve been supporting the vault.

How do I deposit into a vault?

Depositing into a vault is simple. On a vault’s dedicated page, enter the amount you would like to deposit and click “Deposit.”

How do I check the performance of vaults I’ve deposited into?

You can track any vault’s performance on its dedicated page. Select the “Your Performance” heading to see how your deposits in the pool have performed.

On the Portfolio page, you’ll find your total balance across all vaults.

How do I withdraw from a vault?

Withdrawing is just as simple as depositing. On a vault’s dedicated page, click the Withdraw heading, then enter the amount you’d like to withdraw and click “Withdraw.”

HLP has a lock-up period of 4 days. User vaults have a lock-up period of 1 day.

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