About Hyperliquid

What is Hyperliquid?

Hyperliquid is an order book perpetual futures DEX. Hyperliquid does everything the best CEXs do, but on-chain.
The DEX runs on the Hyperliquid L1, a purpose built blockchain using Tendermint for consensus that is performant enough to operate the whole exchange – every order, cancel, trade, and liquidation happens transparently on-chain with block latency <1 second. The chain currently supports 20k orders / second.

What is Hyperliquid’s mission?

Hyperliquid aims to enable anyone to trade crypto, with full transparency, low costs, and the best execution. The team believes in democratized access to markets and self-custody. Ultimately, the goal is for all traders to view Hyperliquid as the best solution to trade futures.
Last modified 1mo ago